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  • 1 lb. 80/20 Ground Chuck 
  • 4 Brioche buns 
  • 4 slices Cheddar cheese 
  • ½ Onion, shaved 
  • 1 cup Lettuce, shaved 
  • Butter (for toasting the bun) 
  • Crove Food Co. Beef Rub & Seasoning 
  • Optional topping ideas: bacon, burger sauce, mayo, ketchup, pickle, etc. Customize these however you desire! 

Burger Sauce Ingredients: 


  1. Start by making the burger sauce. In a small bowl, mix together horseradish, mayo, Worcestershire sauce and Crove Beef Rub. Mix well and place in the refrigerator. 
  2. Using a mandolin or a very sharp knife, shave or thinly slice your onion and lettuce then set aside. 
  3. Preheat your cast iron skillet with a little bit of oil as a base layer. 
  4. After the skillet is preheated to medium high heat, remove ground chuck from packaging. Cut it into 4 squares, making each patty ¼ lb. Loosely form into 4 balls.   
  5. Using parchment paper as a barrier, smash the burger balls down into the skillet with a spatula as flat as you can get them. Then smash shaved onions into the tops of the burger. Season with Crove Beef Rub. The more surface area you have, the more crust you will have and keep in mind that the patties will shrink as they cook. 
  6. Using a large spatula, flip the ground chuck over to the other side once a good crust is formed. Season this side with Crove Food Co. Beef Rub & Seasoning. Cook until a crust is formed on both sides. 
  7. Add sliced cheese on the tops of the patties. Remove the patties when the cheese has melted and set aside to rest. 
  8. Add a little bit of butter to the bottom of the skillet, then toast brioche buns. 
  9. Now it’s time to assemble your smashburgers. I like to put burger sauce on both sides of the bun, then layer with my patties, lettuce, and raw shaved onion. Add whatever additional toppings you desire, then place the tops of the sliders back on. 
  10. Serve and enjoy! 

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