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Baked Jalapeno Poppers


  • 15 Jalapenos 
  • 1 block Softened Cream Cheese 
  • 1 cup Shredded Colby Jack Cheese 
  • 1 lb. Chorizo (or mild breakfast sausage) 
  • 1 lb. thin-sliced bacon 
  • Crove Food Co. Fajita Rub & Seasoning 
  • Other: plastic gloves 


  1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.  
  2. Add chorizo to a skillet and cook over medium heat until brown. Remove excess grease.  
  3. Put plastic gloves on to protect your skin from the heat of the peppers. 
  4. Start by slicing the jalapenos in half lengthwise and remove the membranes and seeds. 
  5. In a warm skillet or medium sized bowl, combine the chorizo, cream cheese, and shredded Colby jack cheese. Using your hands or a large spoon mix it all together. This is the filling for the Jalapeno Poppers. 
  6. Use a spoon to scoop the filling into jalapeno halves. Repeat until all the jalapenos are filled. 
  7. Roll a piece of bacon tightly around one Jalapeno Popper from top to bottom trying to keep the seam on the bottom, so that it will all hold together when placed on the pan. 
  8. Season the bacon with Crove Food Co. Fajita Rub & Seasoning. 
  9. Place the Jalapeno Poppers on a baking sheet covered with aluminum foil. Put them in the oven for around 40-45 minutes or until the bacon is crispy. *I used my GrillGrates on top of my baking sheet to catch the bacon grease and keep the jalapeno poppers raised up out of the grease. You could also use a wire rack placed inside a baking sheet.  
  10. Serve and enjoy! 

Watch the video here

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