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Allegro Marinade Original Chicken Thighs

You cannot go wrong with these Allegro Marinade Original Chicken Thighs. We served them at the Knoxville Tailgate Tour stop. We rubbed them down with our Crove Food Co. Poultry Rub & Seasoning and grilled the Allegro Marinade Original Chicken Thighs over GrillGrates on our Weber Kettle. The GrillGrates custom fit to our Weber Kettle. GrillGrates are perfect for cooking any meat on. They provide a more direct, high heat cook, give the meat beautiful grill marks, and make your meat so juicy! We had the Cowboy Charcoal Briquettes blazing hot and we got perfect grill marks on the chicken thighs from the GrillGrates. These are a cheap and delicious way to feed a bunch of people.


• 12 Chicken Thighs
• 1 bottle of Allegro Original Marinade
Crove Food Co. Poultry Rub & Seasoning
• Other supplies: GrillGrates for Weber Kettle


1. In a Ziplock bag, marinate the chicken thighs in Allegro Original Marinade for 2-12 hours in a refrigerator or cooler.
2. Remove the steaks from the marinade and season with the Crove Food Co. Poultry Rub & Seasoning 30 minutes prior to grilling.
3. Light your charcoal chimney with Cowboy Charcoal briquettes and prepare the grill for very hot, direct grilling. Place your GrillGrates over the center of the grill.
4. Once the grill is hot, place the chicken thighs on the GrillGrates. Cook for about 5-6 minutes per side turning the chicken thighs 90 degrees when you flip them.
5. Cook until the chicken thighs reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit internal temperature.
6. Remove the chicken thighs and enjoy!

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