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Poultry Rub


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We named this one the “Savory Rub” because it is full of bold, savory spices! It is not only great on poultry, but it can also be used to enhance the flavor of pork, fish, vegetables, and so much more! 

Intensify the natural flavors of your favorite cuts of poultry with our Poultry Rub & Seasoning! Packed with classic flavors like salt, garlic, onion, lemon pepper, and more, our Poultry Rub & Seasoning is the perfect rub to take your poultry dishes to the next level! Use it on anything from a juicy chicken breast, a whole turkey, and even a delicious cut of fish.

You can find a multitude of recipes that feature this rub and seasoning here, or access the recipes anytime by scanning the QR code on the side of the bottle.

Ingredients: salt, garlic, onion, lemon pepper, paprika, black pepper, sugar, mustard, spices

11.5 oz, plastic bottle with dual shaker

Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 15.24 × 25.5 × 7.6 cm
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